In-Person Consultation:  

 Corinne will conduct a thorough nutrition assessment of your child which includes:

  • Food and nutrient intakes relative to their age and abilities
  • Will listen and acknowledge the nutrition concerns that you have
  • Weigh and measure your child, if appropriate, and interpret their growth pattern
  • Nutrition recommendations to address the concerns identified
  • Tailor advice to achieve desirable growth, developmental, and behavioural outcomes.  
  • Describing eating habits relative to the child’s temperament
  • Provide further insights for you to enable a healthy feeding environment.  
  • If necessary, blood tests or allergy tests that will be requested by your physician to get a better idea of possible concerns.  
  • Follow-up visits will monitor growth, resolution of concerns, and will include more ideas regarding your child’s nutrition management.  

In short, “We want to be sure that everything is on track and that your worries are now solutions that work!” 

Telephone or Skype Consultation:  

  If you are not able to visit her in person in Vancouver, then she can counsel you by telephone.  Just contact her by email, and some appointments can be scheduled that work for you. “I prefer the personal touch, and with my guidance, I can give you firm recommendations via phone and/or email to track changes and evaluate your child’s progress.  I am only a phone call or an email away!”  

Speaking Engagements:  

  If your organization or group requires a guest speaker for a workshop, conference, or special update, she can tailor an education session that would assess your group’s needs, facilitate the session, and evaluate it.  Areas of expertise include infant feeding, nutrition for daycares/preschools, fostering emotionally healthy eating in small children, food allergies, and early detection and management of eating disorders, managing a vegetarian diet, how to eat local and green, fostering healthy weights in our children.